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The Kantor Behavioral Profile is rocket fuel for personal and professional development. Clients will learn a way of understanding themselves better and will be able to read their organizations and relationships utilizing a simple, but powerful framework. Developed by psychologist David Kantor a systems psychologist, organizational consultant and clinical researcher, the KBP is the gateway to deep personal understanding the cornerstone to personal and professional effectiveness.

This below the waterline approach reveals the structural components of behavior which are invisible until the instrument reveals them.  We will uncover three dimensions:

  • Your Action Stance

  • Your Operating System

  • Your Communication Domain


When used with teams, groups and couples we develop a common, morally agnostic language to discuss our tendencies and explore our differences and adapt to them. 

The results are actionable.

No old assessments collecting dust in a drawer. Many of us have taken a lot of assessments, MBTI, DISC, Enneagram and other tools with little or no lasting impact.

So, why the Kantor Behavioral Profile?  Initially, I was a skeptic, which given my profile is perfectly predictable!  I was, admittedly, a wee bit jaded at the idea of horoscope type personality assessments – nice banter at a cocktail party, but useful?  Not so much.

My first reaction to my own results was the one I see with my clients – a deep level of awareness, things begin to make sense for the very first time! Once I began working with my own results, I made changes without any prompting. Using it with clients I saw the same thing happen repeatedly.

Three Levels of Kantor:

Kantor work can be limited to structural work or go deep into the foundations of structure.  There are three levels:

  • The behavioral baseline or low stakes behavior (discussed above)

  • More in-depth work covers:

       - High stakes behavior which reveals our behavior under pressure​.

       - Our Heroic Modes and

       - Childhood Story – the story that is the foundation for all of our behavior

What can you expect?

You work hard for your money and want to invest it wisely, so let’s be more specific about results.Once your invisible structure – how you show up in the world - is revealed – change often happens quickly.

We will work together to help you first understand yourself and then, you will understand others better.You will learn key words and phrases that will help you to read other people enhancing your communicative effectiveness across personal differences..Instead, you will have a new language to discuss structural differences and patterns.

You will:

  • Become more skillful in navigating conversations and situations

  • Understand complex situations quickly with this easy framework

  • Reduce or eliminate interpersonal stress

  • Save key relationships from breakdown

  • Be more effective in choosing the right behavior in the right situation.

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