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using the framework developed by psychologist David Kantor.

I am a natural skeptic of personality assessments and ardent avoider of unproven, but popular tools. I have witnessed the powerful results gained from this tool and I am pleased to offer it to my clients as the basis for both their leadership and personal growth. Using my psychology and business backgrounds, I focus on adding value at a deep level to ensure that individuals can sustain that momentum and growth on their own.  This tool allows change to happen organically and, often, effortlessly.


My approach is holistic and based on a systems approach.

I am a certified Kantor Behavioral Practitioner. 

I am a volunteer coach for a select non-profit endeavors.

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David Kantor, PhD. is a renowned family systems therapist and executive coach.

Dr. Kantor developed his theories when he noticed that individuals within the family system often took predictable positions - so much so, you could predict their behavior.  Over many years, David refined this model using his experience in family systems.  This 3-level system begins with an assessment to uncover your baseline behavior and how you operate in low stakes.  The second level looks at your Heroic Mode and moral postures and your behavior under stress - High Stakes. Level 3 is the foundational approach of understanding your personal narrative or Childhood Story.

The Kantor program allows us to go deep effecting structural change, develop greater self-awareness and lowering reactivity.  The gift of self-awareness leads to a greater understanding of one’s self and others and more effective performance and leadership.  The work simultaneously carries over into your personal relationship.

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I am honored to partner with my clients on their unique journey.  Drawing upon my own humble roots, I understand that talent is equally distributed, but opportunity is not and that accessing that opportunity can be far more challenging for some.  90% of success is having the right psychology and if you don’t have it, success can be elusive no matter how much intelligent you are.

We live in a social sea of hyper-connection and disconnection and social influences can foster negative beliefs from which we struggle to emerge. 

My work is focused on leveling that playing field and serving as an agent of change.


My areas of specialization include:

  • Developing Yourself as a Leader

  • Emotional Intelligence Development

  • Kantor Behavioral Profile for Individuals and Teams

  • Organizational Psychology

  • Executive Coaching

  • Career Coaching

  • Coaching for Highly Sensitive People 

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